#TBT: My trip to London, England

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In 2014, my family and I embarked on a crazy three part trip through Europe to celebrate my parents’ 20th anniversary. Our first stop: London. I could bore you with an hour-by-hour itinerary of our every move – which, honestly, I kind of want to… there is so much to talk about! – but I won’t! Instead, here are some of my highlights of my three days in London.

  • Camden Market
    I am an avid shopper, so I had to stop at the Camden Market to have a look around. There are tons of beautiful shops and food stalls. My sister and I bought the neatest see-through rain boots there. We still get compliments on them – it’s quite satisfying to reply with a quick, “Oh, these? Thank you! I bought them while exploring around London.” (;

    our Dr. Who tour guide treated us with The Doctor's favorite snack - Jammie Dodgers!
    #TBT: our Dr. Who tour guide treated us with The Doctor’s favorite snack – Jammie Dodgers!
  • Dr. Who – James Bond – Beatles – Sherlock Holmes Tours
    Our first day in, we were jet lagged to the max. We only had one thing scheduled to keep us awake: tours of famous spots from Dr. Who, Bond films, The Beatles, and Sherlock Holmes. The nicest little old man picked us up in an old cab and we were on our way! My sister and I geeked out over the filming locations from Sherlock, one of our favorite TV shows. It was great to see so many parts of British pop culture. We even walked Abbey Road!
  • Day trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon
    I grew up a bit of a theatre nerd and seeing Shakespeare’s birthplace fueled my love for his plays. Everything was so surreal! Our day was filled with hearing sonnets, looking through the house Shakespeare was born in, and walking through a museum exhibit dedicated to the Bard. Our day trip also stopped at the Cotswolds – a rural area in south central England. I totally suggest you go. Every part of it was beautiful, from the rolling hills to the adorable homes.

London was beautiful and laid back and striking. I would travel back in a heartbeat: it’s at the top of my list. I’ve had a few layovers in London Heathrow Airport and every time I’m there I think of my wonderful time I spent exploring! What a throwback!


my sister, gracie, taking a quick stop to go to hogwarts before catching our chunnel.
#TBT: my sister, gracie, taking a quick stop to go to hogwarts before catching our chunnel. no big deal. (;



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