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Ahh, Beaches vs Cities – the ultimate struggle. Lay out next to the blue water in Bali or tour the Empire State Building in New York City? Just in case you’re wondering what to do on your next vacation, I’ve laid out some pros and cons of both of these dream destinations.

pro: you’ll get to work on your tan!
con: bikinis though… that’s a love/hate relationship if I’ve ever heard of one.

a shot from a hotel in Key West I actually didn't end up staying in.
a shot from a hotel in Key West I actually didn’t end up staying in.

pro: you’ll get to take surf lessons!
con: you’ll get to discover you can’t surf!

pro: perfect weather!
con: make sure you’re not planning on vacationing during the island’s rainy season. @me.

pro: your diet will change for the better with all the fruit and tropical produce around you!
con: you can easily wreck your healthy state by getting all that dessert when you go out for dinner. “But I’m on vacation!” Nooooo!

pro: your instagram feed will be lit.
con: your friends will probably get annoyed by your daily triple-post of you drinking out of a coconut.


street view of NYC
street view of NYC

pro: the hustle and bustle of city life is endearing!
con: until you get shoved by a random person walking down the sidewalk… it’s fine.

pro: the rad restaurants in cities are always delicious!
con: sometimes they can be expensive. but so so worth it! budget!

pro: you can look ultra chic in all black while touring your favorite city.
con: the second you post about your outfit, a confused aunt will ask why you’re dressed that way. Sorry, Sharon.

pro: you can ride on the subway.
con: you’re on the subway.

pro: you can stay in the nicest VRBO apartments!
con: make sure what you’re doing isn’t illegal, though. @me, again.

I hope this helps you weigh the L’s and W’s (losses and wins – it’s what all the cool kids are saying. I think.) to taking either a beach or city vacation. Personally, I find myself weaving in-between the two. I love both settings! My preference changes with the seasons: spring and summer, I want to relax seaside, while during fall and winter I’ll want to jet set my way to a busy city and look around. Right now, I have a fascination with New York City and I blame that directly on Gossip Girl.



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    I’m a beach girl myself, but YES, agree on all the pros and cons. And bikinis are really love/hate, right?

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      Haha, so right! Thanks for checking out Jewel Abroad, beach girly! (:

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    I LOVE the layout of your site!! Your theme, color scheme, everything! Personally, I prefer vacationing on beaches bc it’s the ultimate relaxation imo, and also bc I live in a city during non-travel times, so I like to go for the opposite 🙂 Agree with all your points though 🙂

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      ahh, thank you! & I totally understand. I would be the same way!

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