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I think I have been extremely blessed to grow up in a family that puts travel in such high regard. I was already taken on family road trips to San Antonio to see the Alamo and to hang out by the pool at our now-favorite hotel by the time I was six. If I had not traveled so consistently, I am not sure I would have grown to love it as much as I do now. A lot of the people I went to school with didn’t really care about my adventures, big or small. When I told them stories, they almost didn’t understand. They were kind of indifferent about their own family vacations. They liked being home.

That brings me to ask – why travel? Why travel if you can live your whole life in your hometown and be perfectly happy? Why travel if you can work comfortably in your bubble? What’s the point?

Now, what I’m talking about is different than not being able to travel because of money. I hate that people are so commonly limited because of their resources, but I also understand it. Sometimes I have to step back and realize funding my schooling is more important than going somewhere or doing something. So I get it. But I don’t get not wanting to go in the first place.

What’s the point? When we travel, we learn from what is around us. We soak in the culture and language of people we don’t normally see and maybe won’t ever see again. When we travel, we discover parts of ourselves we would have never known – through being put in unique situations in new places. Travel does this thing where when you discover an affinity for it, the desire to be on the move never goes away. It’ll keep bugging you. Little things you do will remind you of something you’ve done while abroad. You return from travel with new stories, new keepsakes, new people in your heart. When we travel we end up enriching our lives so much more than we could have imagined. It brings me to think that if someone hasn’t tried to wiggle out of their town for an adventure, why?
So, why travel when you are perfectly okay in your comfort zone? Because life is about pushing your limits and becoming uncomfortable. It’s about not having a life, it’s about living. So next time when you’re debating going three towns over for a popular restaurant or buying that cheap round-trip ticket to Seattle, Washington for a weekend, I hope you do it. Live. Travel is a vital part of life, and a lot of people miss out on it. I think that’s the point.

the sunrise in hlinsko, czech republic
the sunrise in hlinsko, czech republic



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    Love this post. And for a blog that’s only a week old…it’s amazing! I love the layout! I’ve had my blog for a month and I want to change the layout…but once I do I hope I don’t have to change it after that because people get familiar with the old layout and that’s what they are used to seeing. Let’s connect instagram/twitter/facebook! Cheers!

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      I am so glad you think so! Followed (:

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    Hi Jewel, I absolutely agree with you, and have a similar take on travelling, traveling is intoxicating, the more you travel, the more you want to! but there are people out there who prefer the warmth of their home and hearth and would not understand. But home and hearth achieve a totally new dimension if you travel and come back from travel! would love your feedback on our site http://www.imvoyager.com

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      You’re 100% right! Home is wonderful. There will always be people who prefer being home, sometimes even I do! Ha! Thanks for the comment.

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    I am also grateful to be exposed to the beauty of traveling! I wasn’t growing up…. But I always had that desire to travel….

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      I love it! You go, girl!

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      Thanks for the comment! I’m glad!

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    I completely agree. Life is for living, and travel is living. Humans weren’t made to stay in one place forever (and they certainly weren’t made to park their butts in an office cubicle for 9 hours a day!) – we were made to migrate according to the seasons and continually move like nomads across lands and seas. Thank you for a lovely and poignant post!

    Mel from illumelation.com x

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      Ahh, you are so right! I love that! Thanks for checking out Jewel Abroad.

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    This is such a great post! I think everyone should get out and explore the world. You learn so much about you and life itself. Great job and safe travels!

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      You really do. Thanks for checking out my blog! Happy travels to you as well! (:

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    So many people find excuses not to travel. But let’s face it – who really wants to do it will find a way, those who doesn’t will find an excuse! Great post 🙂

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      No excuse is good enough to miss out on the world! (: Thanks for the comment, I completely agree!

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    Very eloquently put! I sometimes feel jealous of people I know that don`t have this desire to travel, who can be happy in their hometown. I think travel is a calling, a very strong calling. The select few that It affects are destined to live a different life with It`s own rich rewards.

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      Ha, I know exactly what you mean! It is oh so worth it to give in on this calling! Thanks for checking out Jewel Abroad.

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