The Time I Tried to do Yoga at the Acropolis

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Once upon a time, a recently graduated Jewel went on a senior trip to Greece. She toured Athens mercilessly, in awe of everything she saw. On June 21, 2015, she and her family toured the Acropolis. Jewel, being a new yogi, had recently checked Twitter to find June 21st was International Yoga Day. Imagine her excitement. Everyone around the world was going to social media to talk about their practices and love for yoga. Jewel had a vision of taking a beautiful picture at the Acropolis in dancer pose for her #YogaDay Instagram post. Everything was going well. Until the actual picture began to take place.

Jewel and Gracie enter SL. They look around, admiring the Acropolis.
Jewel: Gracie! Take this yoga picture for me! It’s yoga day!
J motions to G, her sister, while positioning herself to balance on the mountain.
Gracie: This again? Okay. Whatever. Give me your phone.
J begins to gracefully enter dancer pose, waiting for G to snap a picture.
Voice: HEY!
J wiggles, loses balance. G is confused but snaps a photo.
Voice: HEY! GIRLS!
J stands on two feet. G looks around behind her.
Acropolis Security enters USR, angrily. She may get violent. J and G are visually taken aback.
Acropolis Security Guard: Girls! Normal poses only.
AS glares at J and then promptly exits, marching away. She probably hates yoga.

Jewel never got the magazine-cover-shot. Bummer. She was embarrassed and wondered what the security guard classified as a ‘normal’ pose. She then noticed the millions of selfie sticks people around her were using. Huh. Alright.

photo evidence - the man in the background doesn't approve, either.
photo evidence – the man in the background doesn’t approve of me trying to be cool, either.

Jewel never got a perfect yoga shot. But that’s okay, at least she tried. After going through being yelled at by a greek security guard, she discovered one of the biggest Yoga Day celebrations was being held a few streets over in Athens. She should have gone to that instead. Oops.

The end.


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