How to Display Travel Pictures Impressively

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Travel photos! What do you do with them? Print them and put them in a folder? Maybe? Put them in a folder on your iPhone? Now that’s more likely. Here are some ideas on what you can do with those pictures you love from vacation but don’t know what to do with!

  1. Print out favorite memories on a pillow!
    Why not display your adventures on a throw on your couch? This helps if you have cluttered shelf space or simply need to add a fun conversation piece to your room. Stitchtagram is great at creating cute pillows you can fit just about anywhere. You can even pull photos directly from your Instagram account! Go ahead, put that flawless selfie in there. (;
  2. Take pictures on a Polaroid!
    i like to put polaroids out in random places so friends can look through them!
    i like to put polaroids out in random places so friends can look through them!

    This is a bit more pricey seeing as you need to buy the camera and film. But it is oh so worth it! Bring along a Polaroid camera the next time you are road tripping with your friends. You’ll never know what sort of fun pictures will come from it! These photos fit nicely in a wallet or you could even simply set them out for friends to see.

  3. Hang pics up on string lights with cute pins!
    I know what you’re thinking. “How Pinterest of you, Jewel.” Thank you. The truth is – this is actually a really easy way to put up pictures of your vacation that will for sure catch eyes. Who doesn’t want to mesmerizingly stare at string lights? Oh, and there’s an picture of the ocean there, too? Count me in!clothespin picture
  4. Order shots on a shower curtain.
    Why buy a boring shower curtain from Target when you can customize your own? This unique and fun way of showing off your photography will definitely catch interest. Shutterfly does this – you can make your own collage and even add text and fun little graphics.
  5. Stand photos up on a big clothespin!
    This is an amazing alternative to having to mess with buying frames and trying to figure out how big to print shots. Simply print out your picture (however big you would like) and pin it with a clothespin! You can find decorative clothespins on Etsy or you can even try to make them yourself by picking up some fun supplies at a craft store.

Sometimes you’re not entirely sure what to do with your favorite shots of your travel adventures. Ditch the picture frames (or Instagram frames – Nashville’s is my fave) and put your pictures out in a way that will really catch the eyes of your guests.



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    great ideas! thanks for sharing <3

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    I love the idea of a photo shower curtain! That would be amazing with pics from our last beach vacay!

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    There are really great idea! We just spent three months traveling through Panama. I will surely use some of these ideas!

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    Those are the best ideas, I really like the shower curtain and throw pillow since I am just getting into travel and I just moved. Marrying the concepts will be a seamless.

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    OUr basement is a steampunk travel themed guest room so I’m always looking for awesome travel photo ideas. Thanks for the ideas!

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    cute ideas! I think my mom would really like a pillow with the grandkids’ picture on it. 🙂

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    Great tips! I am one of those people who has the best of intentions to do something with my travel pics as soon as I get home…and three years later they are still sitting on the camera, lol!

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    I really need to get my hands on a Polaroid camera!

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    These are great suggestions! I rarely even get photos printed anymore, but when I do I just put them up on a wall. I’m going to check out the custom shower curtain. =)

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    Wow! Great tips. Love the giant clothes pin – plus, your Hawaiian Santa looks so awesome. Is he a local or professional model? I like your pics too.

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    Great tips! Definitely need to get on that Polaroid camera train. The pictures always look so beautiful. Right now we have a Diana+ which works well…but takes so much time to develop.

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    Lovely ideas, I will definitely be using these after my holiday this year! Nice post.

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