5 Ways to Fuel your Wanderlust while in College

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JPEG image-E11696387BE4-1I have a little problem. I love to travel, but I also want to get a degree at the University of Oklahoma. I’m constantly battling the feeling to drop everything and go somewhere. I guess I’m glad I have no money for plane tickets. (; Here are some ways I like to keep my love for going places in check, while being confined to the city of Norman, Oklahoma!

1. Enroll in classes that echo travel
When I looked at classes for the spring 2016 semester, I noticed a class was being offered called “Paris Through the Ages”. This is a perfect way to not only dive into the history of my favorite place in the world, but also to meet other people who may have been drawn to the class in the same way I was!

2. Pinterest, pinterest, pinterest!
My high school made all it’s students buy iPads. They were smart enough to block all social media, but they forgot one. Pinterest. I was instantly hooked! My Pinterest page has 1.3k pins and growing! It’s easy to explore the world when all you have to do is type “travel” into a search bar.

3. Study Abroad
I am working on my own education abroad application, and I am noticing this is one of the easiest ways to travel while still being a full time student. Why sit still when you can earn your college credit abroad?

4. Follow travel blogs
Hmm… however could you find a travel blog that relates to you… oh wait! I think you’re on one! (; Subscribe to my newsletter below and never miss a beat. Some fun blogs I personally follow are I am Aileen and Alex in Wanderland.


5. Stay-cation!
If you’re going to school in a new place, explore it for a bit! Grab some friends and drive around your college town. I frequent Oklahoma City with a friend who grew up there; she tells me about all the rad places OKC has to offer. OKC is only a 35-ish minute drive from Norman, making it so easy to go back and forth for a day trip into the city. Explore new places and meet new people without actually going on vacation!
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Those are five tips I’ve discovered so far while in college. People sometimes feel like they can’t like travel unless they’re constantly on the move. Let university be a stepping stone!



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    I shared this as I know many people who would benefit from it. I only started traveling when I was already working and settled I wish I had started sooner

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    I’m a student at University of Alabama and I love taking day trips! There are so many places and cities that are within a three hour drive that I explore with my friends that I would have never have visited.

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    Pinterest is my go-to for inspiration and motivation about both traveling and photography but I just can’t believe your school made you buy Ipads!!

    I love how you threw in yourself as one of the travel blogs made to inspire people. Definitely got a giggle out of me. <3

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    Love to travel. Great post

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    I live in Oklahoma too! I’m a transplant from Louisiana though 🙂 enjoyed your post!

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    Something worth mentioning is that if you actually want to travel but are short on cash Airbnb is an awesome option. We’re hosts and we travel using Airbnb too and always save a ton of money. Couchsurfing is another service that can make really cheap travel possible. I wish those sites existed when I was in college. 🙂

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    But this idea is simply amazing! It’s a really great opportunity!

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    Studying abroad is the best experience! I will never forget living in Rome.

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    I’m going to study soon, this is a great article. Thanks!

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    I agree that taking a class about a place you find interesting or would like to visit, is a great option! You learn a lot and it will give you a bigger drive to get out and travel once you’re out of college. Great ideas!

    – Warren @ Blog to Taste

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    Studying abroad was what started my wanderlust 🙂

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    Studying abroad is the one thing I really regret not doing when I was in school. If I could go back, I would do it in a heartbeat. So anyone reading .. DO IT! You will regret it more not going than going.

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    Great tips! 🙂

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    I moved to Japan months after graduating from college so I definitely know what it is like to have that travel bug while in college! Great tips!


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