5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy in the Airport

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Real talk: airports can get nasty. They are consistently full of people rushing, sniffling, and sitting way too close to you on those little airport benches. Here are some tips on how you can make sure you don’t pick up your neighbor’s cough while in transit!

  1. 1. Drink Water!
    Drink more water than usual. Constantly flushing out your system, especially while traveling, is a great ay to strengthen your immune system. Also, while on board, the air circulating the pphoto-1429053936782-e8cb7d267f15.jpeglane can dry out your sinuses and skin. Drinking water replenishes your system and hydrates your skin. You’ll look as flawless as you did when you boarded! Pro tip: carry an empty water bottle through security!
  2. 2. Use the bathroom as much as you can before you board
    Small, enclosed bathrooms are a no-go for your health. When you flush a toilet, the thousands of microorganisms on the toilet itself are disseminated into the air. Eww, I know. Gross story short, you’re supposed to stand as far away from a toilet as you can when you flush it. Bathrooms in planes should definitely be avoided whenever possible.
  3. 3. Have the best preboarding treat – yogurt!
    Eat some yogurt before you catch your flight. Yogurt has the good kind of bacteria in it that helps you digest and fight sickness. Eating a single cup of low fat yogurt a day can reduce your chances of getting a cold by 25%. That’s good enough for me! You can always take a probiotic supplement if yogurt isn’t your jam.
  4. 4. Don’t use airline pillows or blankets unless they are packaged
    If a pillow/blanket set is on your seat in a nice little plastic wrapper, it means it’s been laundered. You’re good to go. However if there is a random blanket on your seat, don’t use it! It may not have been cleaned since the last time it was used. Or ever.
  5. photo-1431609366831-6d9f25cf23565. Antibacterial wipes are your friend! (Use them!!!)
    Anyone who knows me will know I am a loco germaphobe. I am that person who wipes down tray tables, and seat cushions, and arm rests, and windows, and remotes, then my own arms… you get the idea. (; If there were a place to release your inner germaphobe, the airport and on board the plane are excellent settings. If you’re going to be sitting in one spot for a few hours, make sure you’re comfortable and clean!

Airports are fun and inspiring and exciting! Just make sure you don’t get a cold from that sneezing kid two rows up from you in coach. Follow these tips and you should be healthy and good to go on your travels.




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    Great tips. The one about yogurt is so interesting. I never thought of that.

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    This is really cool! I’m constantly travelling, so I will keep those tips in mind 🙂

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    Drinking water is a great idea. I personally stay away from the airport because I do not like to fly!

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    Loving these tips! Will bookmark 🙂

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    Great tips. This advice definitely comes in handy during cold and flu season!

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    Great tips! I’ll have to try these out in a few weeks when I fly!

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    Great tips! I steer clear of the blanket/pillows on planes totally.

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    I never thought of having yoghurt, but it will now become a staple! Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for sharing these great tips. Yes, yogurt was never heard of in this context before. I’m going to take care of these things next time I travel by air.

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    Awesome advice! Had a laugh over the blankets….

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    Yes, long haul flights can be excruciating! I agree with all of the tips you’ve listed here.

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    I read an article about how disgusting the pillows and blankets usually are! So gross!

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    Wow! I never really stopped to think how unsanitary or exhausting an airport can truly be! Great post idea!

    Thanks for sharing!


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