Movies That Make Me Want to Travel Endlessly

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Sometimes, when I can’t get out, or when it’s a snowy or rainy day, I decide to stay in and watch movies. What kind of movies, you ask? Well, dear reader, I watch movies that inspire me! Recently I’m dreaming of getting out of Norman, OK and traveling abroad. Here are some movies that keep me dreaming!

1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Walter Mitty
This is a crowd-pleasing, adventurous love story about a man who wants to make the most out of life. Bonus: this is on Netflix! There is literally no reason not to order this movie this moment! (;

Also, most people don’t know how to feel about Kristen Wiig in this movie. At first I was confused because I’m so used to her being laugh-out-loud-ably funny, but seeing her in this could be a nice change.

Watch when: You want to mountain climb and be adventurous and never go home!


2. Roman Holiday
Roman HolidayA quirky princess escapes her life for a Roman adventure with Gregory Peck. There is a scene where Audrey Hepburn waltzes around via dei condotti. It’s dreamy. Watch it.

Watch when: You want to feel like royalty in a beautiful classic city.




3. Monte Carlo
Monte CarloIf you know me, you know I love this movie more than anything. Paris, mistaken identity, my home state of Texas, Monte Carlo, princesses, la vie en rose playing while fireworks shoot off, Australian guy. It’s a hopeless chick flick but it’s also pretty much my favorite movie of all time.

Watch when: You want to invest too much into a movie about sparkly jewelry and cute boys. 



4. Sabrina
Can you tell I love Audrey Hepburn? I do. She’s in this one. And she’s in Paris. Need I say more?

Watch when: You want to be lost for a few hours and want to focus on someone else’s problems for a bit. Also watch if you want to see a beautiful, 1950’s Paris.



5. The Holiday
The HolidayI discovered this movie when I watched it with my friends last year. It’s a beautiful Christmas movie that makes you laugh, cry, and everything in between. Watch it when you’re snuggled up and drinking hot coco with your pals.

Watch when: You want to visit a city cottage in Britain and meet new people and discover why you love humanity. This will certainly leave you in the Christmas spirit – I don’t care if it’s February! 



That’s my list – it’s short, but constantly growing! I’m the kind of person that re-watches movies until I know every word. Like, don’t even try me with Ferris Bueller. I think I may have memorized the entire script. Haha!

Happy watching!


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    I don’t have much time to travel, but I’m always looking for some good movies to watch! You have some great ideas here, I’m adding them to my watch list!

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    Love the film recommendations. In my opinion one of best best travel films of all time is Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited. It instantly made me wish I could make the same trip one day. Just amazing.

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