Girls Who Travel are Better

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When you date a traveler, you quickly realize life can be a little different from what you maybe first expected. This upcoming Valentine’s Day has helped me come to realize I throw my boyfriend a thousand different directions with my restlessness. I’m girl who constantly entertains my ideas of travel and I’ve decided that girls who travel are better. I’ve consulted with some of my travel-minded friends and we’ve compiled some reasons why:

1. She isn’t boring.
Explorers will always have something to talk about because they’ve seen a lot. She can tell you endless stories about that one time she swam with sharks, or when she tried pizza in Italy for the first time.

Jewel Hiking2. She will always want to do something.
She’s not going to want to sit around the house all day. She’s constantly getting inspired by the Travel Channel, her travel-themed Pinterest boards, or by swapping stories with another adventurer.

3. She is spontaneous.
She’ll call you up in the middle of your work day and try to talk you into dropping everything and backpacking Spain or selling off all your possessions and trying to open a hostel in Europe. I promise. I’ve done this before.

4. She is independent.
She will be undoubtedly secure in who she is. She’s fended for herself in a country she didn’t speak the language of. She can handle being by herself for a while.

5. She has connections all over the world.
She has that buddy she emails that she met while abroad. She frequently posts pictures of where she is on FaceBook and has comments from people from countries you have never heard of before.

6. She is in the moment. This girl isn’t materialistic. She appreciates the moment she’s living in, always. She will want to share experiences with you and take you places.


7. She can handle things life throws at her.
She has been through life-threatening turbulence, an almost fatal boating day trip, and can sprint through thirty gates in twenty-five minutes. This girl is invincible.

8. She is comfortable with the unknown.
She will be okay not knowing what to expect. She is well prepared for whatever is thrown at her. She will be okay if all she knows about her future is that it will be exciting.

9. She will be full of crazy random fun facts.
She knows why only half the Colosseum was rebuilt. She knows everything about the Seine. She can tell you what time it is by looking at the sun.

10. She will show you her world, her way of life.
She will take you places and show you new adventures. She’ll babble on about what she wants to do in the future or what she has accomplished in the past.

Next time she travels, go with her. You’ll realize how strong and reliable your relationship is. Maybe you’ll even fall in love with traveling, too. Happy Valentine’s Day!



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    Love love love this post! People who travel are the best people, open-minded, tolerant and great to be around 🙂
    Have a great day x

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    Ugh I love everything about this. So well said and makes me want to go hop on a plane??? Your heart is so beautiful sweet girl!

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      ily. thank you for visiting sista!!

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    I completely agree! I can entertain people for hours on my stories. The only thing is I’m struggling to find someone similar – those who don’t travel don’t get it!


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    I completly agree, I love telling my stories of traveling abroad. I think I annoy people with my constant, “in london…” stories.

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    […] am loving this post by Jewel Abroad “Girls who travel are better” because WE ARE! By travelling, we learn more than we ever could through a television set or […]

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    I love the blogpost.. it is really well written and shows so much passion 🙂 Thanks for sharing your 10 points with us… I can agree with all of them.

    Take care,

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    So true; travel makes a girl much more interesting!

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    I can only say – true story 😀

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    I LOVE THIS, i love your blog, and your instagram is gorgeous. Great job! Following everything!

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    I find so many men I date don’t like to travel or are lazy travelers. Hopefully I meet my travel soulmate one day.

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    This is uber beautiful and I 100% agree!!

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    It’s all true. From a man’s perspective, take your love on some fun trips to find out what she’s really like. Mine matched even more with travel.

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