#TBT: My Trip to Rome, Italy

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We have officially reached the last leg of my european vacation in the summer of 2014. My family and I went to Rome for one final ‘hoorah’ to celebrate my parents’ 20th wedding anniversary.

Rome is one of those places I genuinely think a person needs to see at least once in their lifetime. Not only is the Italian culture friendly and beautiful, but it is also rich in history and fruitful in love for everything around it. I regret not visiting Verona, or Capri, or Venice… I guess that means I just have more on my list, and more of a reason to go back! Here are some highlights from my trip – if you are planning on staying in Rome, keep these in mind!

a rome #ootd in front of my hotel
a rome #ootd in front of my hotel

◉ Staying in Hotel Dei BorgiaOkay, this hotel was seriously beautiful. I remember the rooms were significantly large – something you usually don’t find in Europe. Also, there was the cutest restaurant across the street called Pasta Love. My parents had cute little date nights there and my sister and I would order pizzas and hang out in our hotel room watching Italian game shows reminiscent of The Voice.

◉ Shopping Via Condotti
Via Condotti is right across from the Spanish steps. It is a narrow street that seems to go on for ages with luxurious stores and beautifully dressed people. Like, when I say luxurious, I mean it. There is a Prada, Burberry, Gucci, Fendi, Valentino, Harry Windton, etc. These stores are fabulous. Think Rodeo Drive, but you’re on vacation so for some reason you think you can actually buy the things you can only afford to pin on Pinterest. If you find yourself in Rome… go!

◉ Taking a food tour through the local farmer’s market!
Farmers markets are my weakness. I love wandering around and looking at the things native to the area I’m in. Wandering around a farmer’s market in Rome, my family and I were able to taste some pretty interesting things – we even got to watch a man make zucchini spaghetti! I could have spent hours wondering around.

we heard italians never drink cappuccinos after 10 am. the more you know!
we heard italians never drink cappuccinos after 10 am. the more you know!

◉ Seeing the Sistine Chapel
I’m an art nerd and so is my entire family. The Sistine Chapel is mesmerizing and even more beautiful in person. There seemed to be something like 400 people all packed in that room like sardines – all looking up in silence. When we left my dad told me something about the Sistine Chapel being great for pick pockets because literally everyone is looking up and not paying attention to what is happening around them. Oh well.

I loved rome and I loved the colosseum and I loved drinking cappuccinos and I loved walking along the stone sidewalks that had been walked on by billions of people before me. This trip was memorable. Not only because of the places we went, but because of the people I was there with. I am so glad I get to travel with my family.

Here is a video from my days in Rome!



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    Awesome article! I have always wanted to go to Rome!

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