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Jewel Abroad has been nominated for a Liebster (autocorrect: lobster) award! This means someone in the blogging community thinks what we have going on over here is worth some attention. It’s almost like chain mail, but the purpose isn’t into scaring you into tagging twelve friends out of fear for bad luck – it’s meant to help people grow their blog! Thank you, Wonderluhst, for my nomination! I totally accept.


When you’re nominated for a Liebster, you have to answer some questions from the person who nominated you. Here are Anne’s questions!

  • 1. How many countries have you visited? And on which continents have you been?
    I have been to nine countries, including america, and two continents.
  • 2. If you could start all over with your blog, what would you do differently?
    I love the way my blog is set up now. However, if I had to start over, I think I would try to make it more of a lifestyle + travel blog. I have too many ideas & things to write about!
  • 3. What is your favourite destination in the whooooole wide world? and why?
    I talked about it a little in this post, definitely Paris. The whole city is bustling and elegant and beautiful and dreamy. The first time I saw the Eiffel Tower, I cried!
  • 4. What do your friends and family think of your blog?
    My friends and family have been overwhelmingly supportive. Family love to text me about what I write and a few members actively ‘like’ articles here on wordpress (thanks, Aunt Mel!). My friends love sharing my posts and I am so grateful because they are basically the audience I’m targeting! My boyfriend has even shared a few of my articles. (:
  • 5. Where is your next trip going?
    Stateside, I’m planning on going to Colorado this semester and Austin next semester for ACL! I would love to try and go to Australia or Israel in the next year. Fingers crossed I can figure out how!
  • 6. You have a 14 hour flight, what do you do on the plane?
    Watch every Oscar nominated film on my iPad for 6-7 hours and SLEEP for the rest of the flight!
  • 7. What is one thing that you NEVER travel without?
    Aside from general things like my passport and money, I cannot travel anywhere without my Bible. You never know when you’re gonna need it, you know?
  • 8. What is your best experience whilst travelling?
    I went on a mission trip with my High School when I was a junior in high school. There is nothing like helping someone and serving while you’re abroad. I hope to volunteer around the world again!
  • 9. & what is your worst experience?
    This is such a non-complaint. When I was in Santorini, Greece (such a struggle. I know), my family and I stayed in the craziest hotel! The whole hotel’s power would constantly shut off, the handle on my sister and I’s door completely fell off, and nothing was clean! I guess if this is my worst experience, I have some living to do. (;
  • 10. Where do you see yourself in 15 years?
    I want to have finished my degree in Communication & live abroad while working online. Ultimate goals!
  • 11. You’re stuck on a deserted island and you can bring 10 things, what are they?
    A generator, a WiFi hotspot, a ~cute~ trailer to live in with a bed, fridge, and table with a chair, a camera, clothes, and my laptop! Instant travel blogger’s paradise!

Thanks again, Anne, for nominating me!

Here are my nominations!

  1. 1. Katelyn at Wanderlust Series
    2. Paolo at Hang Around the World
    3. Jami at Adventure Awaits
  2. 4. Dunja at Being Halcyon

Congrats on your nomination, friends! Here are some travel-esque questions for you to answer:
1. What made your decide not only to travel, but to travel blog?
2. Where are you from?
3. How do you balance your life and traveling?
4. What has been the most challenging part about keeping a blog?
5. What is your craziest travel story?
6. Have you met any people through travel?
7. When did you realize you loved to travel?
8. What is one thing you can’t travel without?
9. Describe your dream vacation!
10. Where is your favorite place in the world?
11. What are your travel plans in the future?

Happy Tuesday!



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    Well done on the nom! Enjoyed reading your Q&A! I have managed to make it out to auz as we speak! 🙂 Managed to wangle a free return ticket off the airline aswell for later in year!!! Best of luck 🙂

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    Thank you so much for nominating me! I really enjoyed answering your questions 🙂

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