Traveling in Small Groups vs Large Groups

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I’ve had some experience traveling in both small and large group settings. I’ve been on big mission trips, and I’ve also had basically private day trips due to underbooking. Here are some pros and cons for the next time you’re considering joining a tour group or flying solo!


pro: You might be with your family.
con: Sometimes traveling with family can be a little stressful, especially because people may not know what they’re doing.

photo-1415125721330-116ba2f81152.jpegpro: You might be by yourself.
con: Who’s going to be your personal photographer? Note to self: may want to invest in a selfie stick.

pro: Other people who travel alone seem to have constant eat pray love moments.
con: They also may have constant I’m alone at a bus station at midnight and no one around me speaks my language moments.

pro: Everything is cheaper!
con: You have to figure out on your own what is worth buying and what isn’t. you don’t have people around you to tell you where to eat or what hotel (or hostel) is worth staying a few nights in.


pro: You are with a ton of people constantly! New friends!
con: You are going to be around the same people for the entirety of your trip.

pro: You will most likely be around a tour guide and have a schedule of your day.
con: You can’t go off the beaten path and explore for yourself. bummer!a816dbd7.jpeg

pro: You are comfortable in foreign places because everyone in your tour group speaks your language!
con: You’re not going to be able to meet locals because they may see the herd of tourists unloading the tour bus and run for the hills.

pro: The people in charge of your tour are competent and knowledgeable about the place they are showing off to you.
con: Sometimes you don’t want to wake up at the crack of dawn to go tour a landmark. Can’t I hit snooze, just this once?

Here you go! The pros and cons of travel in small groups VS travel in large groups. In my research, I’ve discovered some personalities tend to do better with traveling alone, while others enjoy the social aspect of experiencing things with a big group of people around them. If you’re trying to decide which way of travel you want to go on, I suggest you think about these pros and cons and imagine yourself in both situations. Would you want to figure everything out yourself and be independent, or have a set itinerary of your trip and be surrounded by friends? It’s all up to you!

Happy travels!

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