My College Travel Bucket List

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In the midst of midterms, I’m currently dreaming of next week when I’ll spending Spring Break at home. In a few days, I’ll be listening to The 1975’s album on vinyl, hiking around Fort Worth, and blogging my little heart out. Until then, however, one post a week will have to suffice. I miss you!

All this talk of Spring Break, who is going where, and what people are planning on doing is giving me wanderlust! I am not a South Padre Island type of girl, but here are five fun trips I want to take while in college – whether it be over Spring Break, Summer Break, or a long weekend. I hope I inspire you to make some plans for the future! Here we go!

road1. Volunteer over Spring Break
I’m always around tons of opportunities for this.  I want to volunteer with a church and go on a mission trip in another country. I want to join a volunteer effort and use my time during Spring Break to benefit someone. I think I would get way more out of this break if I were using my time to help others.

2. Study Abroad
Psst… I may be working on doing this this summer! Studying abroad has always been in one of those things I wanted to do. Making friends in another country while living life and studying in the most beautiful places in the world sounds magical. This is a definite must-do in college!

3. Attend a Music Festival… or Two!
Music is very important to me and I’ve always been inspired by events like Coachella and Burning Man. While I’m in college, I want to go to a music festival! Being around so many great artists and friends would be a crazy unique experience.

my friends and i roadtripped to dallas for the OU/TX football game
my friends and i roadtripped to dallas for the OU/TX football game!

4. Go to South America
South America is a popular destination for travelers on a budget because it’s relatively cheap! I want to hike Machu Picchu! This would be the perfect place to backpack… I’m kind of obsessed with backpacking recently!

5. Roadtrip up the Pacific Coast Highway
Okay. Hear me out. A rad VW Van. Really cool friends who want to travel and take pictures of everything and enjoy life. A week driving up the California coast. THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF! I want to road trip from Santa Cruz to San Diego and have a freaking great time.

Here are five of my college dream trips. College really is the time to get up and go places. I feel like too often are we quick to make excuses. We constantly stop ourselves from adventuring because we’re scared of cost, or of not getting enough study time in, or not knowing every single detail of our adventure. I have experienced this a lot recently and it’s encouraged me to try and break through excuses and live life. If I have to road trip solo, so be it! And, besides, if you spend all of college studying, you won’t be able to actually enjoy college! So, I encourage you! Study, but also pay attention to your wanderlust. When you want to do something, do it! Get spontaneous!



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    Wow this is great. I would love to do some traveling myself and one maybe I will. This is fun to think about where I would like to visit.

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    This is a fab idea to do! And a great reminder to get out and see the world! What a fab place it is!

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    Love reading your blog! I’ll be starting college next year & your ideas are such a great resource for traveling as a young adult.

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    I love all of these. Volunteering is amazing and definitely something everyone should do. I volunteered in Africa when I was younger helping orphaned lions and it was incredible.

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    Great bucket list. Hope you get to all of the items.

    – I travel and blog at

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    Great post. I shared it on twitter Awesome list. 😉 Thanks for sahring

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    ah I am going to have to start a post college bucket list! Graduated now and didn’t travel enough. This might just have been the inspiration I needed! <3

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    Love that you have such big dreams. Go for them. Do what you want to do. Make it happen.

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    Made me miss my college days! Follow your heart girl!

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    Great list! I have similar one on my blog x

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    You know what – you should absolutely do these! Your ideas are wonderful and each one will be so beneficial! Plus, that road trip sounds absolutely awesome!

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    I only managed to do one of these in college, visit South America. Good luck to you!

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    Some great choices! I always try to get to at least one music festival/year – this isn’t easy when you live in Ethiopia! I definitely recommend South America. I backpacked around for 5 months in 2010. Bolivia was my favourite country – so much diversity and so cheap!

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    The drive down PCH is something me a my sister used to do all the time listening to music, people watching at the beaches, etc. We lived in Ventura County at the time and would drive to Los Angeles to get food we couldn’t find where we lived. Thanks for sharing and studying abroad is something I am trying to get my daughter to do, looks like fun.

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    Awesome list! I especially love #5 (Pacific Coast Highway) – check out San Francisco for a fun pit stop! 🙂

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