#TBT: My Trip to Athens, Greece

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My senior trip was directly inspired by The Kardashians, and I am not ashamed to admit it. In July 2013, the Kardashian family yachted around Mykonos and Santorini for a week. I instantly became charmed by the idea and began talking it up to my mom. Although I didn’t score the ultimate yachting experience, I wasn’t complaining! My family and I started our trip in Athens – islands to follow later!

Athens is a beautiful and historic city. It is rich in monuments, delicious food, and amazingly friendly people. I think Greek people are some of the most welcoming. Here are four things I loved about Athens!

The Scenery
Walking down the streets of Athens will make you feel like Indiana Jones. Historical statues and monuments are literally everywhere around you. Looking up at the Acropolis will never get old!

The Food
Because the city of Athens is so diverse, you can find every type of food imaginable. Authentic Greek food is a no-brainer for anyone visiting from out of the country. My favorite restaurant in Athens is Kuzina. Imagine eating on the rooftop of a beautiful restaurant in Athens, watching the sun set and listening to the hustle and bustle of city life below you. Truly magical! If you’re in Athens, visit Kuzina! Until then, click around their website. It’s cute and you’ll love it!

The Street Art
I never noticed how interesting graffiti was until I left America. I feel like street art is tolerated, if not celebrated, in other countries. Especially in big cities do I notice more graffiti. Aside from the understood actual vandalism that packages itself with city life, Athens is filled to the brim with neat artwork. Walking around and looking at all the creativity everywhere makes you feel more connected to the city, in a way. (The last picture is my improvised “International Yoga Day” shot, but I didn’t end up posting it because I don’t know what the graffiti says. I still don’t. Oops!)

The Candy
Ok. Guys. I love lokoum. In English, boxes are labled “Greek Delight”. I don’t know how to describe it to you. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m pretty sure Greek Delight is Turkish Delight. Anyways! It’s delicious and I happily devoured an entire box while in Athens. No regrets!

After we hopped off the incredibly long flight from America, Athens was just the pick-me-up we needed before we went on our Greek Island adventure. If you’re thinking about heading to Athens, go for it! Remember to stay safe and have a great time!



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    Athens and Greece are places with tremendous historical importance, Greek mythology and culture is really fascinating, thanks for sharing this lovely post.

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    Thanks for the tip regarding street art- I didn’t know that they had a street art scene there

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    I really need to go back to Greece. I didn’t get a chance to visit Athens and reading your post reminds me that I need to!

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    I always try to check out street art when I’m travelling somewhere new – it is such a great way to get an insight into the things that matter to the local community. I haven’t visited Greece yet but I imagine that I will spend my entire trip eating – the food looks delicious!

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    We never made it to Athens when I last visited Greece — way too many years ago. Your descriptions and pictures make me really want to go back, and this time start in Athens!

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    Like the others I had no idea about the street art in Athens though usually you can find some very interesting art in communities under extreme stress. Greek food is amazing.. glad you enjoyed

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    Thanks for sharing this! I was only in Athens for layovers to the Greek islands, never got a chance to actually check out the city. Will definitely stop by Kuzina the next time we’re there!

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    I so want to go to Greece! The way in which you described it makes me want to go even more! Thanks for sharing your experience.:)

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    Athens is such a great city! The sights are really incredible aren’t they!? The only thing that bothered me a lot during my time here was the smog and the amount of cars. It’s actually damaging the ruins and normal buildings quite a lot!

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    I’m so jealous Jewel! I love ancient Greek history and the classical architecture. Can’t wait to read your post about the islands ☺


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