Gracie Abroad: 5 Tips for a Long Layover

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G & JToday, I have a guest post from someone special – my sister, Gracie! She has such a heart for missions and recently hit up the Czech Republic for a mission trip with her high school. I asked her if she wanted to do a blog post, and she instantly had an idea! On her way to the CR, she had a crazy long layover. Here’s how she handled it – like a pro! Enjoy, friends! xoxo, Jewel

This year I went to Czech Republic for a mission trip, which started with a 12 hour flight to Frankfurt. However, because of this extra long flight we were given 6 hours to stretch our legs during a layover. While we were fiddling our thumbs I came up with a few things to do!

a coffee shop in frankfurt airport

01. Go to each of the stores.There will be something new to see in each store. Even if you don’t buy anything, it will help expand what you know about the place you are in.

02. Take this time to charge your electronics.
In almost every terminal there is at least 1 charging dock for your electronics, so take this time to charge them. You can only watch so many episodes of Suite Life of Zach and Cody before your iphone dies!

03. Do a little bit of journaling. 
Take this time to sit down and just pour it all out on the page. Write a little bit about that guy that was snoring super loud on the plane, or that women in the huge orange hat sitting across from you at the terminal.

04. Learn a new card trick. 
My friends I travel with will always have cards on them to play some fun games. We all sat down and they taught me how to play a game called Hearts. I’m not very good, but hey – at least I learned.

05. Go and grab food at a coffee shop and listen to others around you.
This normally works better if you speak the language the people around you are speaking, but it shows insight of their culture if you can’t. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting and hearing about a college students crazy time abroad in Paris. You just have to listen, and you can hear the most amazing stories.

06. Make some new friends. 
I had the opportunity to meet some great new friends and talk to people I had never really spoken to before. It is so easy to just focus on getting from one destination to another, but when you take the time to talk to someone whose destination is very different from yours you get to see just how crazy life can be.

G in Prague, CR
G in Prague, CR

After I had done mostly everything on this list, it was then time to board a plane once again and go from Frankfurt to Prague! It was a beautiful city and an amazing trip! I had a great time and I was so happy to be able to spread the word of God.

i hope you have/had a great day!
xoxo gracie ella



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    Some great tips here, even though I travel a lot I hate long layovers it stresses me out 🙂 but drinking coffee or wine definitely keeps me sane like you recommend. I will have to use more of your tips next time.

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