#TBT: My Trip to Mykonos, Greece

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After a few days in Athens, the Porters packed up and boarded a plane to Mykonos! We were excited to lay out by the beach and swim in the Agean sea. I was especially pumped because of my previously mentioned love for the Kardashians and how they had just vacationed here. When I thought of Mykonos, I remembered how beautiful it looked through the lens of their Instagram posts.

I was in love with Mykonos and wish I could have stayed longer. Mykonos is just as beautiful as you would imagine. Here are two of my favorite things we did during our time on the island!

Totally Beachin’
We had a totally beachin’ holiday at our resort. We stayed at the ARCHIPELAGOS HOTEL and felt like royalty. Infinity pools, view of the ocean and yachting visitors, and best of all…. an out-of-this-world breakfast buffet! Greek yogurt for life!

Yummy Pedals Bike Tour
After we met our tanning quota for the week, we traveled over to a breathtakingly gorgeous vineyard. We went on an amazing bike tour with Yummy Pedals and had a wine and local delicacies tasting. It was one of the best parts of the island. I loved biking past fabulous beaches, farms, and villages. The shots below are from Vioma farm, the vineyard we ended our tour in.

Mykonos was a dream. The buildings around you are straight out of Pinterest and everything is exactly like you would think it would be. I had such an inspiring time there. I will go back as soon as I can! If you’re thinking about vacationing in Mykonos, do it!



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    Greece looks absolutely incredible, and your pictures are amazing. When I get the chance to visit I’m going to need your recos!

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    Your pictures are fantastic! You’ve super inspired me to get to Greece ASAP 😀

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    I am dying to see this part of Greece – it looks an absolute dream of a trip!

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    Mykonos really seems like a dream island. Hope to go there one day too. It’s definatly one of the most picturesque islands of Greece.

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    Didn’t get a chance to stop by Mykonos last summer but it’s on our list! Man I absolutely adore Greece- am itching to go back!

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    Greece is such a beautiful country, I’m lucky to live in Europe so that it is cheap to travel to and through so many diverse countries. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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    Mykonos definitely sounds like a dream! It’s really high on my bucket list!

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    Oh I always wanted to go to Greece and I still don’t know when I can plan it.That’s so frustrating 😉
    You’re pictures totally make me jealous and it seems that you had a lot of fun.

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