Jewel Studies Abroad: Nuremberg, Germany

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With a town as historical as this one, you can’t help but step back in interest. Nuremberg was pretty intwined with the Nazi regime. There were marching grounds and an unfinished stadium that was supposed to be completed after World War Two – of course, history played out differently, thank goodness. (; I enjoyed getting to learn about all the history encased in this (somewhat) small town in Germany last week.

Nuremberg, Germany was the first town we hit for the first leg of our study abroad trip. The second we arrived, we were jet lagged and feeling gross. In order to keep up the pace and force-adjust ourselves to the time change, we subjected ourselves to a walking tour of old town Nuremberg. After I got past those initial wow-i-am-so-tired-why-are-we-going-on-a-hike feels, I really enjoyed it. Nuremberg is built around a castle, and even has a breathtaking river flowing through it. In this part of the world, everything looks like a fairytale! We stayed for a few days before hopping on the train to Munich.

Fun fact: Nuremberg was so accommodating to my vegetarian self. There was always a yummy salad or pasta that I could eat while my friends were indulging in the culture. read = sausage (; Germany has been so progressive!

Here are some of my #instaworthy shots from Nuremberg.

see you soon!
next post: my time in MUNICH!

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    Love love love this! I’m so excited for you!

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