Brussels, Belgium in Photos

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Guys, I think I found my new favorite city. Brussels has my heart. The streets are clean, crisp, bright, and classic. I’m into it. We visited shortly after the Brussels attacks- we even walked past the train platform that was involved. Although Brussels suffered an incredible loss recently, I felt very safe. I feel like that means something. As for the ambiance, the streets were not too crowded and the people were very friendly. My kind of big city!

Here’s the highlight reel.


molly, jocelyn, and i snagged some free fanta while walking around downtown!
molly, jocelyn, and i snagged some free fanta while walking around downtown!


On top of being downright perfect, Belgium is super silly. Like, guys, you should hear Belgian police sirens. We couldn’t help but giggle when we heard a police car whizz past us. During our time in Brussels, I saw two Zaras + a Zara home (my absolute favorite store, just adding to my love of this city) and ate approximately twelve waffles (try the ones with whipped cream and strawberries!!) and loved every second of it.

  • If you are thinking of visiting Brussels, make sure you do these things:
    – Go on a chocolate tour. because duh.
    – Go to the waffle stores around the peeing boy statue! ONE EURO WAFFLES!!!
    – Take the train on a day trip to Brugge. The ride isn’t long and Brugge is the perfect day trip!

I hope your August has been flying! We’re almost to fall!
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    I am dying to go! It’s definitely on my list of my must see cities!

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    Those waffles tho…. <3 <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

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    your post makes me want to visit it so bad!!!

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    Oooh chocolate tour! Yes! Belgium is definitely high on the list of places to visit.

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    Oh yum! I’ve always wanted to go to Belgium!! Love the sound of a chocolate tour!

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    Brussels is indeed a nice city to visit. For those that are visiting, try Peck 47. Delicious food on a nice terrace. Very hip.

    Question: How could you forget to mention the best beers in the world? That’s sacrilege! lol

    Oh, and don’t sleep on Antwerp!

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    Oh man those Belgian waffles look heavenly!

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