Luxembourg Needs More Hype

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I didn’t spend a lot of time in Luxembourg, but I definitely wish I could have stayed longer! My study abroad group stayed in Luxembourg City for two days and one night before traveling into France.

Luxembourg is a small country that sits right in the middle of Belgium, Germany, and France. It’s really, really interesting – there is such a fun mix of culture in this little country. They have their own royal family that you can buy postcards, bags, and toy dolls of in literally every souvenir store. It’s pretty cute. Luxembourgers speak a mix of French, German, and Luxembourgish. Luxembourg is a very wealthy place – just a warning. I paid like twelve euro for a crepe. (It was worth it.)

Luxembourg was our last stop for our first class – we stopped so we could tour the EU Court of Justice building that functions out of Luxembourg. We took a walking tour around the city and stopped for a few snacks. At this point in our Study Abroad journey, we were professionals. We knew how to get on and off trains like we had done it our entire lives. I felt like the embodiment of Jewel Abroad.

Here are some pictures from my short time in this stellar city. Click them to make them bigger!

Ghostbusters was about to come out in Europe – I guess ‘Ghostbusters’ doesn’t translate well. Haha!

I feel like Luxembourg is underrated. It is so aesthetically pleasing (Don’t worry, I can’t believe I just described it that way, either) and you could walk to anything. There are cute tea stops and outside bistros. There are nice hotels and the public transit is pristine. Five stars from this girl!

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