Travel Diary: New York City

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¡Hola, amigos míos! Long time, no see. Sophomore year was a whirlwind, but I am so happy to jump back into blogging my mini-adventures for you guys.

In April, I went with my family to New York City. We spent a full weekend there with my grandma and cousin, eating lots of yummy food, touring Manhattan on the hop-on hop-off busses, and saw some great theatre. Personally, this trip marked my eighth trip to my favorite city in the world, but seeing as this was my cousin and grandma’s first real trip here, we went full tourist-mode. I didn’t get to stop by any of my NYC wishlist places, but hey – it was still so fun, I have absolutely no regrets!

Here are some highlights!

Eating at Cara Mia fresh off the airplane. It’s a family tradition. We land, check in to our hotel room, and walk to Cara Mia for the most delicious Italian food I have ever tasted. Seriously, folks! Must try!

Seeing Hamilton. All six of us were able to see Hamilton on the Thursday night we flew into the city, and it was phenomenal. My sister is such a Ham fan, it made the entire experience so much better. Also, I was amazed at the Hamilton store across the street from the theater. Wow.

Experiencing Dear Evan Hansen. Like, guys. I’m not okay. Ben Platt was a star. My sister and I flew solo to this show because I think we secretly freaked my mom out by telling her how sad the Original Broadway Cast Recording is. Regardless, we went. We watched. We sobbed. Everything about the show is amazing. I would see it a thousand times over! If it’s ever possible, try to find a bootleg recording of Act I’s “Sincerely, Me” dance number. You won’t regret it.

Our trip was full of family and laughs. I had such an amazing time and really look forward to jumping on a flight back very soon. Cha Cha Matcha, I’m coming for you!

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