The Time We Made A Rookie Mistake At ACL

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Once upon a time, my favorite girlfriends Ashley, Holland, Ashley, and I took an ultimate road trip from our college town of Norman, Oklahoma to Austin, Texas (with one stop in Waco, because, duh, Magnolia Market) to go to the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

We were extra excited. We hadn’t gone on a trip together before and knew we were about to have one of the most fun weekends ever! We arrived in Austin on the Friday of the festival, and moments after we dropped our bags we walked to Zilker Park to get a little taste of our full weekend of music that was to come. We looked at our schedule for the next day and talked about the artists we needed to see: one being Saint Motel. We all agreed that Saint Motel was the band we absolutely had to be there for – we had all imagined the four of us jumping around to “My Type” and having fun friend time!

i love these girls! even when we’re melting in 100 degree heat!

Fast forward to Saturday morning. We woke up bright and early and drove around ATX a bit to find breakfast – we ultimately decided on Forthright – before going to the park. Two of us had bags with us so we could carry the other girls’ things. #momstatus

So there we were, around 12:00, eating brunch, having a grand time. We started driving back around 1:00 – that’s enough time to walk to Zilker and get into the park, right?

No. The answer is no. We walked to the gate and quickly discovered the mass of people trying to line up to get into the festival. There’s a short no-bag line, but #NoManLeftBehind, so we decided to stand together in the bag check line.

like, seriously. look at all these people!

Ok, at least we were there, right? Quickly, thirty minutes passed.
And another hour.
Then an entire OU vs UT game passed (which OU won by the way, boomer!).

We suddenly began to hear Saint Motel playing at the stage just behind the main entrance – oh my goodness, it was already 2:30! We decided to remain hopeful. If we heard nothing else, we had to watch them sing our song! So we continued to stand in line, inching closer and closer to the entry gate.

We got into the park at 3:20. Wow… what! Rookie mistake. All embarrassment aside, we ran like the WIND to the Honda stage because we thought Saint Motel would still be performing. Thank goodness they were! We caught the end of a song we didn’t recognize and wondered if the set was over. It was. Well, kind of. The lead singer A/J Jackson said there was one song left. Did we miss it? Was trendy avocado toast in Austin worth missing Saint Motel, and “My Type”?

We nudged ourselves into a nice little patch of ground that was the perfect distance from the stage and stood there, looking at each other, looking at the stage, and wondering if we missed our song.

But then.
Oh, but then.
We heard it.
The saxophone. Like, the saxophone at the beginning of “My Type”.
We made it!!!!! We screamed a bit, and started rocking out.

Well, that’s the end of my story.

The moral? Please, don’t give yourself an hour and a half to get in to a popular music festival. Especially if it’s Saturday. But hey, even if you do, you may still get to fulfill your dream of frolicking around with some of your best friends to one of the coolest songs in existence. So don’t worry too much. But also don’t make rookie mistakes, like us. (;

And never, ever pass up an opportunity to make memories with your closest friends. I have so many more ACL stories I absolutely can not wait to share with you!

Maddie Jewel


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    That seemed like a lot of fun!

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    Oh wow love the whole idea of a diary-blog, keep it up! x

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