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ยก H o l a !

My freshman year as a student at the University of Oklahoma, I discovered I had a real love for experiences. I was always trying new foods, meeting new people, and had an affinity for getting involved in as many on-campus activities as I could.

During winter break of that freshman year, my family and I went on a vacation to Kauai, Hawaii. That’s when it hit me. I loved to travel – it’s a mix of all the things I adore!

That’s when I started Jewel Abroad – my very own space to share my thoughts while I was traveling and cultivate my newly found appreciation. This is a space where realness is encouraged, experiences are shared, and inspiration is (hopefully) drawn.

So, feel free to poke around and see where I have been and what I’ve thought.
Ask some questions.
Go on some adventures of your own!
I’ll be right here to help you get going.