Art Hopping in Munich, Germany

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The city of Munich, Germany is well known for tons of reasons – culture, business, shopping, the glockenspiel, and so much more! When I spent my four days in Munich, I really focused on hitting art museums! If you want to seriously up your art game, put these museums on your bucket list!

  1. The Lenbachhaus
  2. The Lenbachhaus has tons of different pieces, from contemporary in-your-face art to the classics, like The Blue Rider by Franz Marc. Visit this place if you want to feel ~groovy~ and ~artsy~!
  3. Time to get through it: 3 hours. Eat dinner in the museum’s restaurant!
  4. Neue Pinakothek
    An accurate description: Wow, look, a Monet! Woah, is that a Van Gogh? Cool! woah, wait. IS THAT ANOTHER VAN GOGH? Oh my gosh! Woah!!! THERE’S ANOTHER VAN GOGH! Get your classics fix, and get a tour guide! This is a museum that I know I learned a lot from. You will too!
    Time to get through it: 2 1/2 hours. Get ready to stroll!

    1. This one didn’t want you to take pictures in. Here’s the ticket!
  5. Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum
    Die Neue Sammlung is probably the coolest museum I’ve seen while abroad. Lots of Picasso, lots of Dali, lots of Warhol. I was in heaven! Visit if you want a broad spectrum of all kinds of art!
    Time to get through it: 3 hours. Make sure you know what part of the museum you’re in! Don’t get lost!

    Museum Brandhorst
    We hit this museum right after Due Neue Sammlung, It’s right across the street! If you’re into new-age-modern-in-your-face-am-i-pretentious-or-just-weird art (like me), you’ll love this place. I’m pretty sure I sat through a ten minute video existentialistic piece about Y2K using only 90’s Mac computer graphics. This place is seriously cool.
    Time to get through it: 90 minutes at the absolute least. Get ready for cool conceptual pieces!

  6. Unfortunately, they don’t allow pictures in the gallery area, so here’s my coffee I grabbed at the café outside!

There are millions of reasons to come to Munich, make sure you swing by and see some really awesome, thought-provoking art! Munich has so much to offer and I am so glad I got to spend some time here on my study abroad trip.

Talk to you later!
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    I haven’t been to Munich, but when I was in Berlin I spent hours (days!) exploring the dozens of museums there. The diversity and quality of museums is incredible! It is great to know that Munich is similar. I can’t wait to visit!

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    I would love it here. 🙂

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    looks like a fun thing to do in munich! i love art so im definitely interested in art hopping! thanks for sharing!

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    I love art galleries and museums. Definitely places I could spend a whole day….or more. Sounds like Munich has a great variety in terms of style. It’s not somewhere I’d ever thought of going for art but might have to add it to my list now!

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    Ooh some more contemporary art! I’m not much of an art person but this looks really interesting! Thanks for sharing, Jewel!

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    I love exploring different art museums and Munich sounds like it has so much to offer. Can’t wait to explore Germany someday soon.

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    Headed there during Oktoberfest. Hopefully the little monsters settle long enough for me to enjoy something like this, these pieces look so unique and inspiring.

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    I would love to visit Munich one day. Berlin is my favourite city in the world so I really want to explore the otherside of Germany! I absolutely loved exploring all the art galleries and looking at all the street art in Berlin. It’s such a hub of creativity. Most of the things I’ve heard about Munich have been about beer hahaha! So it would be great to explore the art and enjoy a nice cold stein afterwards. Hope you’re enjoying your year abroad in Europe and taking advantage of those cheap Ryanair flights!

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    It’s nice to see that there’s so many different art museums! Not into modern art myself, but the Y2K piece sounds interesting, haha!

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    Hope you’re safe after what happened in Munich! Love seeing your pictures & reading about your travels! I’ll be studying abroad in Germany next spring so it’s great to be able to read about things to do and see.

    Emily //

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